IMVU Credits Cheats

To begin with, IMVU is an online form of website founded in 2004, interestingly one of its co-founders Eric Ries stated that IMVU did not stand for anything. Currently with over three million members, IMVU has over six million items that include fashion pieces, 3D scenes like clubs, homes, furniture and landscapes in their virtual goods catalog.

How to use Imvu Credits Cheats

how to earn free imvu credits

IMVU has its economy with a virtual currency known as IMVU credits that are used to purchase these items. IMVU has an official banker who is Miss Greenbacks.

IMVU credits chetas can be purchased from different areas such as IMVU itself or the available gift cards in departmental retail stores. These purchases are usually online, and you can buy them using a credit card, IMVU prepaid cards, pay pal or even at the comfort of your phone. IMVU members use credits to not only purchase virtual goods catalog but also purchase music from IMVU credit store. They also buy badges and shout outs as well as submit an item to the virtual goods catalog. As a member, there are other enjoyable privileges accrued such as chatting, playing games as well as meeting people through 3D avatars. There three types of IMVU credit and they include:

  • Promo credit

Also known as Predit credits are free points that a member earns from IMVU, which are about 1000 promo credits, and you can use them to buy items from the virtual goods catalog. You can as well customize your avatar. Promo credits can also be earned from referrals from friends, signing up offers with IMVU partners such as Netflix and spinning a wheel on a daily basis. These credits have limits that include the inability to buy a gift for a friend neither can you transfer promo credits to another person. Additionally, you cannot buy music or shout outs. Finally when the promo credits are over you can again earn them or purchase through IMVU store.

  • Regular credits

Members purchase these credits in increments of five thousand points and get discounts as you buy more. That means when you purchase around 200 000 credits they will cheaper. With these credits, you can buy accessories, music from the music store, furniture, clothes, rooms and facial features. These credits can also be purchased from stores such as Best Buy, which is one of IMVU credit resellers.

  • Dev credits

These IMVU credits cheats are earned by content developers when a member buys the item that they have made using promo credits. These developers also earn regular credits if a member buys their made items using regular credits.

IMVU credits cheats can be purchased from friends as well. Also completing an offer with an IMVU partner earns you credits that might take up to two days or more to process. Not all offers are for free, and some will need to be purchased or enter into a contract, or you will be charged on your phone or credit card. Your Credit Balance Log will show you the history of all your credit transactions on your account. Join IMVU and enjoy all the fun plus the latest 3D technology as well as meeting new people.

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