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FIFA 16 coins generator users need to be sure that they are purchasing from a reliable source. Therefore needs to assess the procurement policies for the respective sites before going ahead and purchasing the coins from them.

FIFA 16 Coins Generator – Free FIFA 16 Coins

This is because there are a large number of scam sites being introduced in the FIFA coin selling market. Let me tell yo how FIFA 16 Coins are generated. One of the outstanding tricks that these sites use is putting their prices half the correct retail prices in order to lure customers in. Once they receive their money, they do not deliver the FIFA coins and thus effectively stealing an individual’s hard money. Nevertheless, there is a way a person can claw back the money stolen by these dodgy websites. Notably, most of these scam sites use PayPal as their main site for payment transactions. One will simply email them with the payment details and the reason for disputing the transaction. There are four main steps a customer can follow when looking to purchase FIFA 16 Coins generator from a given site. Read also few tricks about FIFA 16 Coins generator.

Check their reviews

Normally, every website and e-commerce site always has products and services reviews from its past customers. It is point wise to read the reviews thoroughly and note their source. This is because some of the scam sites have started creating their own websites with generic names hence appearing real. Popular sites like FUT Coins Now and FIFA Coin Store have independent reviews meaning that it is not possible for a people to create their own reviews. Furthermore, an independent review system called Feefo has been developed. This system enables the customers to receive the option of writing a review about their experience once the transaction has been completed. The main benefit of this is that the merchant has no option to either approve or disapprove the review. This means that regardless of whether the review is positive or negative, the public will be able to see. Therefore a willing buyer gets to read real and genuine reviews from real customers.

Examine their social media pages

This is one of the easiest ways to spot a scam website that sell FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins and points generator. The main things to be done is to visit social media page and reading what other people are saying about them in the comments area. Once you see disgruntled customers in the comments, then it is an indication that the website is fake. A legit website will always attract positive feedbacks from its customers.

Ask for company information

Websites are designed in such a way that they have a live chat feature usually located in the bottom right hand corner of the website. Through this feature, an agent can assist a customer through the process of acquiring the FIFA 16 coins generator and also eliminate any fears of illegitimacy. Customers must ask the agent for their company information to be sure of whether the company is registered or not. The customer will then use the company name or number retrieved from the agent to ascertain its legitimacy.

Check whether the website they have is secured

A quick way to ascertain the legitimacy of a website is by checking if they have a EV SSL secured website. This can easily be seen by looking at the URL bar. If the bar is green and contains a company, it means that an issuing company has audited the website and the website belongs to the company in question. This will also confirm that the company has been registered by the relevant authorities and thus it’s genuine.

The above steps will enable a customer to identify the best and rightful website to purchase the coins. Once a legitimate website has been found, some factors could determine preference from one site to another. These could be:

  • Price – Simply compare the prices in the various websites you have identified and choose the one that suits you. The cheapest ones are always preferred. These cheaper websites normally buy the coins in bulk and sell them at discounted prices to customers thus reducing their prices relatively.
  • Speed of coin delivery- Buying FIFA 16 coins generator is just like buying any other online product. Most websites have implemented an automated delivery system that has the ability to purchase coins immediately via automated software.
  • Experience- A good website needs to have serviced for a longer period and that the customers are very satisfied. The great experience of a website is based on the reviews it has. A highly reviewed website confirms customers’ satisfaction and it needs to be preferred.

FIFA 16 COINS have been well received by fans since its release date in September, 2015 and FIFA fans all over the world are on the lookout for the upcoming FIFA 16 Coins Generator. Speculations about its release date have been all over the web but the celebrated FIFA Games News released a substantial announcement detailing the estimated release dates for FIFA 16 Coins. FIFA Game News has had positive reputation when it comes to release dates as they were the first to reveal about the release dates for the previous years. Below is the list of release dates for FIFA 16 as reported by FIFA Game News:

  • North America- September 22
  • Latin America, without Brazil-  On September 24
  • Brazil- October 8
  • Japan- October 8
  • United Kingdom- September 25
  • Europe- September 24
  • Australia- September 24

This means that there is not any official confirmation on when the exact release date will be. Apart from the release dates that the website published, FIFA Game News also revealed that FIFA 16 will be made available on a huge range of modern consoles. It is expected to come out on iOS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox one and PC. Nevertheless, it rumored not to be available for Wii U. Official news on FIFA 16 in June where fans can witness new features coming into the franchise. This means that until then, fans can only be patient and only judge rumors about the eagerly-awaited FIFA 16.